Adventure through the Realms

Kobolds Are Not All That Bleed...

Late Afternoon, Highsun 29th, 1479 DR (Year of the Ageless One)

Having fended off the bizarre apparitions, and seemingly lost the shaman who had led the kobolds, you return to the large den that you had raided only minutes before. Among the flickering dance of shadow and light cast from your torch you see the small, lizard-like bodies of the fallen kobolds strewn about, their greenish-gray blood staining the rough stone floor. You search through their small encampment and find surprisingly little of value aside from crude or rusted weapons and inexpensive foodstuffs inside the various crates and barrels. The kobolds had been raiding merchant caravans for months; you think that even in this rural region the kobolds surely shound have acquired more loot than this. You wonder what happened to the rest of their spoils.

There still remains one last tunnel to be explored. Not to leave any stone unturned, particularly if there may be coin involved, you and the others decide to investigate it before heading back to Winterheaven. There are no torches lining its walls, nor any source of light except your own. You occasionally hear the echo of water drops among the sounds of your own party’s shuffling feet and the recurrent creaking of of the metal guardian lumbering behind you. The path is slightly inclined, and the the cool, moist air gradually gives way to a warmer, more arid atmosphere.

Eventually, you see the feint glow of sunlight far up ahead. It looks as if the tunnel opens up into another cavern. All seems still, but as you draw near you hear a resounding thud followed by a deep, bellowing yawn. “WHO DISTURBS MY LAIR?” a sonorous voice grumbles. Still a few yards deep in the tunnel, you position yourself to peer into the cavern to see the dark outline of a massive scaly creature at least 4 yards wide curled up on the ground. It’s head is raised with an alert expression. It’s eyes have cat-like irises that are gleaming bright green in the sunlight that is leaking in from above, and they are fixed in your direction…


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